Portuguese Water Dog


Appearance: 16-23" (42-59 cm) 35-60 lb (16-27 kg) Curly coat: compact, cylindrical curls, little shine. Wavy coat: falls gently in waves, slight sheen. Black, white, brown or combinations of black or brown with white.

Gr. CH. Canada and United States. CH. Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal – Hi Seas Dr. Romeo MacDuff, in European trim. 2017 Crufts BoB, #4 Working Group. Bred by Katie de Bettencourt, Mary Barbara and Michael Alexander. Owned by L. Glenda Newton, MacDuff Reg’d.


An old breed, the Portuguese Water Dog has an ancestry closely tied with the Poodle and Irish Water Spaniel. Historically, the breed, otherwise known as the Cao de Agua, helped drive fish into fishermen’s nets. He was an essential member of the Portuguese crew. He served the vessels by retrieving things from the water, sometimes even diving for them, and delivering messages from the ship. By the early 1900s, technology made the Portuguese Water Dog’s role redundant, and the breed quickly fell by the wayside. In the 1930s, a wealthy Portuguese shipping magnate took an interest in the breed and began efforts to save it from extinction. A mere 35 dogs were brought to North America in the 1960s, where dedicated breeders continued the effort to revive the breed, increasing it to over 1,000 members.


A fearless, lively and dedicated service dog, the Portuguese Water Dog loves his family and will do anything to keep them happy. Although easily trained, he likes to think for himself and can get distracted if he doesn’t know what is expected of him. The Portuguese Water Dog loves to work, and needs to have a job. He excels at obedience, agility, water sports and any other sport his owner might want to try.

Portuguese Water Dog Breeders:

Baywood Reg’d

Brenda Brown. Quality bred Portuguese Water Dogs in Edmonton, Alberta. Our dogs are not just show champions but working/performance dogs with great genetics behind them. Because of this we also have absolutely wonderful puppy owners. We encourage our owners to get involved with activities that are fun for their family and dog. Baywood dogs excel at many events such as obedience, rally, water work, tracking, therapy & especially agility. Best of all we have great family dogs! Find us on Facebook & Instagram.

Website: www.baywooddogs.com
Email: baywooddogs@gmail.com

Acostar Perm Reg’d

We breed quality PWDs for temperament, type, and health and raise them in our home surrounded by family. All breeding dogs are CKC Champions with PRA, EOPRA, GM‐1, IC‐13, JDCM, and OFA hips, elbows, and eye clearances. All pups are health checked and guaranteed, vaccinated and microchipped before going home.

Phone: Lesley Miller (613) 469-0303
Website: www.acostarpwds.com
Email: lesley@acostarpwds.com

Kyessiline Reg’d

Portuguese Water Dog, Puppies are raised in the house. The parents have all their health clearances. Fully Registered with the CKC. Puppies are seen by a vet, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. We give a two year full refund or replacement guarantee.

Phone: Anna Kyessi (613) 674-5580
Website: www.kyessilinekennels.ca
Email: anna@kyessilinekennels.ca

Ondulado Perm Reg’d

Since 1990. Breeding for temperament, type, and trainability. All breeding stock health tested. Well‐socialized, home‐raised puppies occasionally. Health guarantee. Severn, ON.

Phone: Cathie & Steve Sockett (705) 329-1482
Website: www.ondulado.ca
Email: cathie@ondulado.ca

Ricelake Portuguese Water Dogs

Our dogs are bred to CKC standard as well as for their great temperaments and intelligence but most importantly for health. All our dogs live with us in our home and all puppies are born & raised in the house. Every Porti puppy is fully guaranteed. All our breeding dogs have been tested for GMI, IC, JDCM, PRA & Hips. All puppies leave with full 2 year guarantee & lifetime breeder support. We are located in the Northumberland Hills approximately 1.5hr drive east from Toronto. Please visit our website to learn more about us and our dogs.

Phone: Cathy Gonzalez (705) 924-2509
Website: www.portuguesewaterdogsatricelake.com
Email: c_reg_4@hotmail.com

Skip N Stone

Skipnstone Kennels,  We are a family breeder and have been involved with raising, showing, working and breeding PWD’s over many years. At 7-8 weeks of age, we do temperament and conformation testing with the puppies to ensure that each of the puppy buyers receives the pup best suited to their family. Puppies are available to select homes. We initiate crate training, outside playtime, socializing with our adult dogs and lots of visitors of all ages! Lawrie always says that our best dogs are someone’s cherished pet. We are available to answer your questions about Portuguese Water Dogs and puppy rearing. Cambridge, ON.

Phone: Lawrence & Charlotte Etue (519) 651-3441
Website: www.skipnstone.ca
Email: skipnstone@gmail.com

MacDuff Portuguese Water Dog Reg’d

Member of the CKC since 1986, breeding PWDs since 1996. Inquiries are always welcome. Hudson, QC. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement above)

Phone: Glenda Newton (450) 458-2111
Email: newton.glenda@gmail.com