Toy Poodle


Appearance: Under 10" (25 cm) 4-8 lb (2-3.5 kg) Curly coat has naturally harsh texture, dense throughout. Corded coat hangs in tight, even cords of varying lengths. Any solid colour.

Toy Apricot Poodle Bred/Owned by Maria Almeida, Calvary Kennels. All colours available.


The Toy Poodle is the smallest of the Poodles; and was created from the Standard Poodle by breeding for small size. Originally waterdogs, the breed is now prized for their versatility and is considered the national dog of France. Many performing artists in circuses preferred poodles over other breeds. Highly intelligent, the dogs could be trained to do any trick and worked well in combinations using all their different sizes and types. Circuses are turning away from the use of animals, but the breed remains popular entertainers. Toy Poodles are particularly popular due to their tiny size. Once known only for their looks, the poodle is now gaining recognition as one of the most intelligent breeds.


A lapdog in size, the Toy Poodle is an intelligent dog who loves to perform tricks for his people. He needs to be mentally stimulated to keep him happy, and good training and socialization help moderate his sensitive nature. Like many toy breeds, he is cautious around young children, who tend to be loud and boisterous. The Toy Poodle loves to be with his people.

Toy Poodle Breeders:

Calvary Kennel Reg’d

New Brunswick
Our puppies are home raised with children. We have miniature and toy sizes to choose from in various colours. From champion lines. Shipping and delivery available. – Moncton, NB.(See our Breed Ambassador photo above.)

Phone: (506) 785-6600

Pomroth Reg’d

Home raised, solid coloured toy poodles in black or brown. Trained young adults sometimes available. See pictures of our dogs on website. Ontario.

Phone: Helen M. Hamilton (519) 939-8250

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