Standard Poodle


Appearance: Over 15" (38 cm) 45-70 lb (20-32 kg) Curly coat has naturally harsh texture, dense throughout. Corded coat hangs in tight, even cords of varying lengths. Any solid colour.

Photo courtesy of CuttingEdge Reg'd.


Though sometimes called the “French Poodle”, the Standard Poodle does not come from France but instead has its roots in Germany. A water dog whose name comes from the German term “pudel”, which refers to his love of splashing and playing in water, the breed hunts and retrieves fowl from swamps and lakes. The distinct poodle clip (which will cord if left to grow out) keeps the dog warm while working in cold waters without slowing him down as he swims. Poodles have many claims to fame, not the least of which is their intelligence and highly trainable nature. The Standard Poodle is the largest of the Poodles, a category that also includes the toy and miniature version. He is highly versatile and has been used for many purposes, including as a guide dog, hearing ear dog, seizure detector, cancer detector, mobility assistant and therapy dog. The breed also succeeds at herding, hunting, pulling sleds, obedience, agility and pretty much anything else they are asked to do. No longer known just for their beauty, they also make wonderful family companions, and are considered one of the most popular breeds in North America today.


A proud intelligent dog, the Standard Poodle is an exceptionally versatile companion. He is good with children and other animals, with an affectionate nature and desire to please. Happy outdoors or in, he enjoys both mental exercise while training and doing tricks, and good old-fashioned runs outside.

Standard Poodle Breeders:

Seransil Standard Poodles Perm Reg’d

Breeder of CKC registered standard poodles out of health screened championship stock specializing in silvers, whites/creams, & silver/beige. Our poodles serve as companion dogs, show dogs, performance & service dogs. Our puppies are health guaranteed. Puppies and stud services available.

Phone: (403) 381-6890

WinterGarden Reg’d

British Columbia
We are a small home based “kennel”. We breed sparingly, puppies are whelped and brought up in our kitchen and beautiful backyard. Puppies are loved and handled from birth. Parents are health tested and are champions, most often in both Canada and the US. Kamloops, BC.

Phone: MJ Winters (250) 579-8841

CuttingEdge Reg’d

Small breeder of Standard, Klein, and Miniature poodles. All our dogs are DNA health tested, colour tested, and PennHips are done. We aim to breed healthy dogs that make stunning and well-tempered pets. Our dogs are our pets and live in our home – not kennels. We have a holistic approach to dog-rearing. We feed raw and follow limited vaccine protocol using little to no toxic chemicals on or around our dogs. We have litters 2-4 times a year.

Phone: Birgit Johnston (289) 214-2354

Syquefine Reg’d

Est. 2004. Specializing in shades of Blue, Apricot, Red and Brown and occasional Cream Standard Poodles. Health tested parents matched to improve genetic diversity using the Better Bred Diversity Tool. Written Health Guarantee. Family-raised, well-socialized and well-loved puppies for pet or show from champion lines. Emphasis on health, temperament, intelligence, and trainability. Lifetime of breeder support. Visitors welcome. Plainfield, ON. Facebook page: @SyquefineIV

Phone: Christina Pierce (613) 328-4511

Tyldesley-Titian-Amar Kennels

Tyldesley‐Titian‐Amar Kennels. Poodles since 1948. Founding member Poodle Club of Canada; 50‐year lifetime member CKC. Kennel partner Beverly Tufford, Amar Kennels. Home‐raised black, blue, silver, cream, apricot, red. Breeding stock mainly outcrossed; lower risk of immune diseases validated by UC Davis genetic profile. Health tested, performance potential tested. Mulmur, ON.

Phone: Mary Jane T. Weir (519) 925-2658