Appearance: 14-18" (37-46 cm) 22-33 lb (10-15 kg) Weather-resistant coat with long, wavy or curly coarse outercoat. Fine, soft dense undercoat. Mature coat naturally forms cords. Solid black, rusty black, all shades of grey, white, apricot.


The Puli immigrated to Hungary in the early 9th century with the Magyars and their flocks of sheep. The early dogs varied widely in type and are the progenitors of the Puli, Komondor, Kuvasz and Tibetan Terrier. Pulis are the ultimate sheep herding dog. Darker-coated dogs guarded flocks during the day, while lighter-coated dogs guarded at night. The dogs were so valuable that a shepherd might save a year’s wages just to purchase one. Their unique technique of jumping on the backs of sheep made them an unusual and effective flock manager. Interbreeding and wars decimated the purebred Puli until 1912 when Emil Raitsits recognized the dog’s value. In 1915, he wrote up a breed standard and worked to reconstruct the breed, specifically by preserving its size, colour and coat. While there were originally four sizes, the middle-sized dog was most versatile and became the true breed type.


Like many guardian breeds, the Puli is an excellent watchdog and guardian. He is cautious with strangers and takes time to develop trust. But he is affectionate and devoted to those he calls his own. A working dog, the Puli likes to be kept occupied and responds well to training. Early socialization with a variety of people and places will be a plus.

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