Smooth Collie


Collie Smooth Breed Description

Appearance: 20-26" (51-66 cm) 40-75 lb (18-34 kg) Short, hard dense outercoat. Soft, dense furry undercoat. Sable and white, tricolour, blue merle and white. May have white and/or tan markings

Can/Am Ch. ThistleBrae The Devil in Her, HICV. ‘Devlin’ is a gorgeous tri-colour who has enjoyed an outstanding career, and has also attained her ‘Herding Instinct Certificate’. Bred/Owned by JoAnne Pringle, ThistleBrae Collies Reg’d. Palgrave, ON.


Developed centuries ago as a herding and guarding dog, the Collie is thought to be named after the Scottish black-faced sheep he protected, called Colleys. Two types developed – the Rough and Smooth Collie. Both were working dogs until Queen Victoria took an interest in them in the 1860s and brought them to England. Smooth and Rough Collies share the same lineage and breed standard, but in 1830, show breeders wanted a more elegant dog with an elongated head, and crossed the breed with the Borzoi, leading to a separation of work and show lines. The Smooth version of the breed remained the favourite in England; in North America, the Rough Collie’s popularity grew in the 20th century thanks to the Lassie movies and television shows.


Like the Lassie of television fame, the Smooth Collie is a brave and loyal dog, whose intelligence makes him seem to read his owner’s mind. He is highly sociable, and excellent with children and other pets. Alert and conscious of his family’s safety, the Collie is a good watchdog. Lots of exercise and activities to occupy his mind help keep him relaxed and happy. With training he can participate in nearly any canine sport, and he makes an excellent therapy dog.

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