Smooth Vizsla


Appearance: 21-25" (53-64 cm) 44-66 lb (20-30 kg) Short, smooth, dense close-lying coat. Shades of golden rust.

Rowdie, pictured above, champion of hearts. Onpoint Vizsla’s, are winners of five US National Field Championships and bred to standard as our belief is that form follows function. Bred and owned by Onpoint Vizsla’s, Kevin Lavoie.


The Vizsla is one the oldest sporting and birding dogs, documented as early as the mid-13th century. Used by the nomadic Magyar tribes of the Russian Steppes, the breed is a hunter, pointer and retriever rolled into one. Over the centuries, various hounds and pointers were added to the foundation Vizsla stock. Vizslas were companions to early Hungarian warlords, barons and kings. This aristocratic connection made the breed a target during the many upheavals that ripped across Hungary, and the breed nearly became extinct after World War II. Several fleeing aristocrats smuggled their precious dogs and pedigree records out of the country. Modern Vizslas are descended from these refugees, who were established in kennels in Europe and North America. In 1987, a Vizsla captured the first triple American championship for conformation, field trial and obedience.


Naturally energetic, the noble Vizsla is a hunter at heart, and requires lots of exercise to keep happy. He gets along with other dogs and animals, and can be excellent with older children. Active socialization at a young age can be beneficial.

Smooth Vizsla Breeders:

Chukar Reg’d

Since 1986. We pride ourselves on home-raised, well socialized, happy and healthy puppies. Fully guaranteed. Truly versatile for show, hunting or best friend. 8066 5th Line, RR 1, Angus, ON L0M 1B1.

Phone: Ildiko & Garry Hughes (705) 424-0502

Onpoint Perm Reg’d

With over 35 years of experience, we breed Vizsla’s with the family in mind, for hunting, and field companions, we are Canada’s only kennel to win five US National Field Championships. Our puppies, born and raised in our home, come with a five-year written health guarantee. Ancaster. ON.

Phone: John Reid (613) 659-4888 and Kevin Lavoie (647) 824-5227

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