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Spinone Italiano Breed Description

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The Spinone Italiano, or Italian Pointer, is an ancient hunting breed popular in Italy during the 16th and 17th centuries. This “all-purpose hunting dog” is likely a mix of Coarse-Haired Italian Setters, White Mastiffs and possibly French Griffons. His great appeal even earned him a spot in Italian frescoes and paintings. As a gundog, the Spinone was a cautious and discreet hunter, famous for his excellent nose and ability to endure harsh climates and terrains. Though the Spinone wasn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club until 2000, he is a versatile hunter, retriever and companion dog who enjoys a variety of sports and activities.


The Spinone Italiano lives up to his reputation as a reliable and noble dog. This all-purpose breed is loyal, friendly, and intelligent and is good with children and other animals. The Spinone can be both playful and docile, and is happiest when spending time with his family. People of all ages are drawn to his unique appearance and many comment on his soft, almost human-like eyes.

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