Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound Breed Description

Appearance: 24-29” (61-73 cm) 50-60 lb (22-27 kg) Long fine coat, silken in texture, topped with short hair from the shoulder along the length of the back. Face is short-coated, head is crowned with a topknot of long hair. All colours are acceptable, but white markings are discouraged.

Photo courtesy of Da'Ghan Reg'd


Elegant and sometimes aloof, the Afghan Hound can seem standoffish at first. But this breed is loyal to his people, and has a surprising sense of humour. Incredible athletes, Afghans require adequate exercise but don’t be surprised to find them curled up on the couch afterwards. They have a high prey drive, so Afghans should be watched around cats or other small animals.


Originating around the borders of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, the Afghan Hound is one of the oldest sight hound breeds. Rich and poor alike prized these dogs for their protective nature but most of all for their ability to hunt. Afghans were bred to be supreme hunters, pursuing everything from gazelles to hares, and even their traditional quarry, leopards. Hunted alone or in braces, Afghans relied on their independent thinking skills to successfully bring down the big cats. The breed came to Europe in the late 19th century after British soldiers spotted them in India. While Afghans are known for their long elegant coats, initially there were two varieties: the lean short-coated desert-bred hound, and the heavier-coated mountain hound. These two types were interbred after their introduction to the Western world, and the result was the impressive hound we know today.

Afghan Hound Breeders:

Da’Ghan Reg’d

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