Appearance: 16-17” (40.5-43 cm) 21-24 lb (9.5-11 kg) Short, sleek coat in four colour variations: red and white, black and white, brindle and white, and tri-colour, all markings with distinct demarcations. Prick ears, unique forehead wrinkles and tight, curly tail give them an appealing look.


The Basenji’s inquisitive nature is reflected in his alert, curious expression. He is an intelligent dog who thrives in a stimulating environment where he can use his acute sense of sight and smell. The Basenji benefits from exercising in large, safe areas. Aloof toward strangers, but eager to accompany their owners, Basenjis do not like to be left alone. And despite their nickname, Basenjis do vocalize; they can “chortle”, yodel and crow like roosters. Another unique feature of the breed is their cleanliness. Basenjis groom themselves like cats, and are essentially odourless.


The Basenji is an ancient breed that originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where its intelligence and speed made it an ideal hunting dog. Devoted to its owners, Basenjis provided protection, as well as companionship. The breed is thought to have descended from the earliest pariah dogs and it has evolved for survival. Basenjis possess a marked sturdiness. “The African Barkless Dog” was brought to the UK in 1936. The breed’s unique qualities and appearance piqued interest there and in North America, and Basenjis soon gained popularity.

Basenji Breeders:

Africanadian Basenjis Perm. Reg’d

Africanadian Basenjis Perm. Reg’d is a group of ultra selective co-breeders working together to achieve superior conformation, temperament, health, movement and trainability. We measure every angle and consider every detail when selecting matings and future show prospects. Our co-owned breeding prospects are located in Petawawa, Pembroke, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. We produce only one litter per home per year. Our pups are raised in the living room with the family. Like us on Facebook. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement to above.)

Phone: (613) 633-9192