American Bulldog


American Bulldog Breed Description

Appearance: 20-27” (51-69 cm) ~ 60-125 lb (27-57 kg) Short, close stiff coat. Any colour, pattern or combination except black, solid blue and tricolour.


A hardworking fellow, the American Bulldog is a brave and determined dog who will loyally protect his family and livestock. Johnson-type dogs are larger and more overt guardians, while Scott-type dogs tend to be smaller and more athletically inclined. Both benefit from lots of socialization and training at an early age.


When colonists came to North America in the 17th century, one of the dogs they brought with them was the Bulldog, commonly used for the blood sport of bull-baiting. The traits that made this breed so effective in the sport also made it highly suitable for managing the tough free-range hogs and cattle typical in the southwest. Some believe the American Bulldog remains true to the original English Bulldog that arrived off the ships, free from the changes brought to the breed in England. Others believe these dogs evolved through selective breeding and the addition of Bull Terrier bloodlines. Either way, the American Bulldog closely resembles English Bulldogs pictured in the early 1800s.

Changes in technology and farming left the American Bulldog nearly extinct by the end of WWII but the breed was revived by John D. Johnson and Allen Scott (who preferred a smaller body type).

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