Wire-Haired Vizsla


Wire-Haired Vizsla Breed Description

Appearance: 21-25” (53-64 cm) ~ 48.5-66 lb (22-30 kg) Tough, wiry, close-lying coat with prominent, bushy eyebrows and beard. Dark, sandy yellow.

Photo courtesy of Dream Vizslas


A dog of Hungarian origin, the Wire-Haired Vizsla was developed through the early to mid-1900s by breeding the Vizsla and the German Coarse-Haired Setter. Though the Smooth-Coated Vizsla made an excellent hunting dog, hunters wanted a breed with a thicker coat and more solid build to withstand colder temperatures. The Wire-Haired Vizsla was soon recognized for his keen nose and excellent swimming and pointing skills. World War II nearly caused the extinction of both forms of the Vizsla breed, but breeding continued and the Wire-Haired Vizsla was preserved. It was brought to North America nearly two decades later, where it was recognized as a breed in 1977.


The Wire-Haired Vizsla is a sensitive dog that responds well to training. A positive approach is best, as he is sensitive to punishment. The Vizsla loves to swim and participate in other outdoor activities. He typically bonds closely to his family and can develop separation anxiety if not properly socialized from a young age and exercised regularly. Extremely loyal, the Vizsla will protect when necessary but is generally very affectionate. Due to his versatility, this breed also excels in field trials and obedience competitions.

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