Pumi Breed Description

Appearance: 15-18.5 in (38-47 cm) ~ 17-33 lbs (7.5-15 kg) Various colours, including grey, black, white, rusty brown, and fawn with mask. Soft undercoat with strong, curly outercoat that forms tufts.

Photo courtesy of Catskill Pumi Kennel


The Pumi gets its origins from the Puli, an ancient sheepherding breed brought to Hungary by the Magyars about a thousand years ago. During the 17th and 18th centuries, foreign herder and terrier breeds were mixed with the Puli, and the result was the smaller more agile dog we know today as the Pumi.  An ideal farm dog; he herded sheep, cattle, and pigs, and also hunted small rodents to keep farms free of vermin. In the early 20th century, Dr. Emil Raitsis recognized the separate characteristics of the two Hungarian sheepdogs, which began the selective breeding process of enhancing the breed-specific traits. In the early 1900s the Pumi was officially identified as its own distinct breed.


The Pumi is always very playful, and his whimsical expressions and quirky antics can make him a very amusing companion. With the alertness of the terriers and the intelligence of the herding breeds, the Pumi is highly trainable and a fantastic show dog. Known for his ability to excel at a variety of sports, as well as freestyle canine dancing, his energy makes him a great companion for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Socialization is important because he can be somewhat shy with strangers.

Pumi Breeders:

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