Appearance: 15–19” (38-47 cm) ~ 17–29 lb (8-13 kg) Thick, medium-length coat that ranges from very wavy to curly. Grey, black, brown, white, yellow or black merle.


Records from 18th century Hungary describe a sheepdog with characteristics typical of a Mudi. Its similarity to other herding breeds such as the Puli, however, makes it difficult to pinpoint the Mudi’s exact origin. Dr. Dezsõ Fényes began breeding the Mudi in the mid-1930s, at which point it had already been recognized as a naturally occurring breed – probably a mix of Hungarian herding dogs and various prick eared German herding dogs. The Mudi’s courage was ideal for herding large and difficult livestock, a role he’s still known for today.


Holding true to his roots, the Mudi is very observant and alert. Boasting an adaptable character, he’s happy being both indoors and outdoors. He has shorter hair than traditional sheepdogs, making him an easy keeper in indoor environments. He’s keen to work – especially where mental stimulation is involved – and also excels at agility. Though he is thoughtful, he’s rarely timid and makes a very sociable companion for adults and children, as well as other dogs. Consistent training and regular exercise are important to his development.

Mudi Breeders:

Iszkiri Reg’d

Competing – Showing – Breeding the Mudi in Canada since 1996. The versatile Mudi is a great companion, therapy or sport dog. Our Mudis are part of the family first. We provide an enriched environment for mental and physical growth. We health test our Mudis and do selective breeding to ensure balanced temperament and sound structure. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Our dogs compete in agility, flyball, obedience, rally O, nose work, herding, dock dogs, freestyle, tricks, lure coursing, barn hunt and conformation/shows. Mudi pronounced “Moody” Bred for Sport – Show – Companion – Therapy.

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Home of Canada’s Top Conformation Champion Mudis. Breeding structurally sound, genetically health tested dogs with excellent temperaments. We stand behind our dogs with an extensive health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. Our puppies are home raised in an enriched environment. We put our puppies through an extensive socialization and handling program to ensure a confident, mentally stable and friendly puppy. Mudi puppies are available to select homes for show, performance, companionship. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above)

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