American Foxhound


Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund Breed Description

Appearance: 21-25” (53-64 cm), 65-75 lb (29-34 kg) - Close, hard coat that can be any colour, most commonly a variation of black, white and tan. A tall hound with long, straight front legs. Kind brown eyes set in a large, slightly domed head with wide ears that fall flat to frame the face, and a long tail with slight upward curve.



A great companion for athletic owners, the American Foxhound can run for hours without tiring. While he can be sweet and affectionate indoors, his independent disposition can shift quickly when outside, so positive and consistent training at an early age is very important to harness his intense and courageous nature. With his mild personality, the American Foxhound can become an ideal family member, as long as his exercise needs are met. Traditionally a pack animal, he can be very protective if he believes he’s the leader, so establish boundaries at a young age.


Englishman Robert Brooke sailed with his pack of hunting dogs to North America in 1650. A century later, the dogs were paired with a similar breed from France, who had been gifted to George Washington, and the result was the American Foxhound, which would form the basis of every strain of hound in North America. The American Foxhound was trained to work alongside horses for fox hunting, and was bred to be lighter, taller, faster and with a keener sense of smell than its English counterpart. Known for over 200 years for their stamina, these dogs are still used primarily for hunting, and there are now four different categories to consider: field trial hounds, slow-trailing hounds, drag/trail hounds, and pack hounds.

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