Appearance: 11-16” (28-40 cm), 32-34 lb (14-16 kg) - Thick but short coat with denser areas on neck, back, and back of thighs. Large, long, well-proportioned head with drop ears. Short legs similar to a dachshunds and long, bristly tail. Colours range from fawn, black or black/tan, always with white patches on face, feet, neck, chest and tail.


A hunting dog with Swedish roots (“drev” means “to hunt” in Swedish), the Drever is a descendant of the Westphalian Dachsbracke from Germany – another hound dog of similar temperament and short-legged stature. The Drever is known for its first-class nose, and for being a powerful tracker that excels at driving game toward the gun. Recognized as a Swedish breed in 1953, the Drever is considered a rare breed in North America, though it remains one of the most popular dogs in its native Sweden.


Described as both tenacious and industrious, the Drever lives for work, and often wants to continue hunting long after his owner is finished. Despite his strong mentality, he can be calm and friendly, and is notorious for his constantly wagging tail. Always alert and ready for action, he requires plenty of exercise and socializing to keep him physically and mentally stimulated. That being said, apartment life isn’t necessarily a write-off, as Drevers are independent and can occupy themselves indoors between walks, provided their activity needs are adequately met. Since they can be somewhat headstrong, consistent positive training is important from an early age.

Drever Breeders:

There is no Drever Breeder registered with us yet.


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