Japanese Chin


Japanese Chin Breed Description

Appearance: 8-12” (20-30cm), 4-9 lb (1.8-4.1 kg) - Large, wide head; round, wide-set eyes; and a rather flat face. Small V-shaped ears, and a plumed tail that curls over the back. Thick but feathery coat that rarely mats, ranging from black and white, to sable and white, to a tri-coloured coat of the same colours.


Once a popular addition to Chinese and Japanese royal courts, the Japanese Chin is known for his enduring role as a lapdog, dating back as far as the sixth century. There is much debate regarding the origin of the breed’s name, which stems from either its native land or its primary behavioural traits – “Chin” has been said to mean “from China”, “cat-like” or “separate being”, as the breed was thought to be of higher value than a typical dog.

Upon its arrival in America in the late 1800s, the unusual exotic breed was first recognized as a Japanese Spaniel due to its similarity to the American breed. In 1977, the name was officially changed to honour the breed’s heritage, and it has since been acknowledged as one of the best companion dogs in North America.


Known for his energetic yet well-mannered behaviour, the Japanese Chin is an agile breed with cat-like tendencies. These dogs enjoy jumping and climbing, but adapt well to any indoor environment, including small apartments, and require little exercise. An intelligent breed, the Chin is very loyal, gentle and kind, and thrives around people, children included, as long as they’re not rough. Because they’re sensitive, Chins can grow quite attached so avoid separation anxiety by using positive training methods and ensuring they receive adequate love and attention.

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