Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog Breed Description

Appearance: 17-20 in (43-51 cm) 33-50 lbs. (15-23 kg) Sturdy, compact strong and muscular with a moderately short, straight outer coat and a short dense undercoat. Coat is not clipped or trimmed. Recognized colours are Blue, which can include blue or blue-mottled, with or without black, blue or tan markings, and Red, which features a coat with an even red speckle.


Courageous, intelligent, and alert, the Australian Cattle Dog’s innate loyalty makes him a natural watchdog and guardian. Not surprisingly, his devotion to duty can make him wary of strangers. Training and exercise are crucial, and fortunately, this breed is eager to learn and please!


As his name suggests, the Australian Cattle Dog was bred to work cattle in the “land down under”. The stockmen needed a rugged herding dog that could move the wily, free range cattle over long distances, across tough terrain and in unseasonable weather. They carefully developed the Australian Cattle Dog from a variety of breeds, including blue merle Smooth Collies, the native Dingo, and the Kelpie. Before settling on the current name, the breed was known as the Queensland Heeler, the Blue Heeler and the Australian Heeler.

Australian Cattle Dog Breeders:

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