Bedlington Terrier


Appearance: 15-18” (38-45 cm) 17-23 lb (7.5-10.5 kg) Crispy, thick and linty, with mixture of hard and soft hair that stands away from the body. Tendency to curl, particularly on head and face. Topknot. Blue, blue and tan, liver and tan, sandy, sandy and tan.


Versatile and intelligent, the Bedlington Terrier can learn to do just about anything. He is intensely loyal to his people, though this can change to protectiveness if he feels his family is threatened. With great spirit and a playful charming nature, the Bedlington is said to have the heart of a lion in the body of a lamb.


Hailing from the Rothbury Forest region of Northumberland in England, the Rothbury Terrier (later the Bedlington Terrier) was originally a versatile all-round pest-controller who kept the coal mines free of rats. Though an excellent rat and badger dog, his versatile nature led breeders to add Otterhound bloodlines. This allowed the dogs to swim down otters, while Whippet bloodlines added speed, allowing them to run down hares. The longer-legged type became known as the Bedlington Terrier. The new Bedlington Terriers were exceptional game dogs that didn’t tolerate other dogs interfering with their work. Their speed and versatility endeared them to poachers, and the breed is still sometimes called the “gypsy dog”. When introduced to the show world, breeders developed the dog’s characteristic lamb-like clip.

Bedlington Terrier Breeders:

ISpy/Bluenote Reg’d

Bedlingtons are the best-kept secret – true non-shedding. 28 years of breeding with health and temperament a priority. 10066 5th Line, Georgetown, Ont.

Phone: (905) 699-1038

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