German Long-Haired Pointer


German Long-Haired Pointer Breed Description

Appearance: 23-27.5” (58-70cm) 66 lb (29.9 kg) Slightly wavy, weather-resistant coat. Solid liver colour, liver with white markings, or white with liver markings.


A rare breed in North America, the German Long-haired Pointer has long been a favourite sporting dog in its native country. Originally a hunter of big game – some say as early as medieval times – it later moved to farm and field.When the heavier version of the dog was crossed with English Setters and French Spaniels, German clubs registered standards for this more agile Long-haired Pointer. This classification dates to 1879.The breed made its way to North America in the 1950s, but their numbers remained low as Germany applied limits on who could import these dogs. Today, many North American breeders also prefer to keep the breed in the hands of those who ensure the German Long-haired Pointer receives the outdoor activity to which he is accustomed.


Strong and possessing lots of stamina, the German Long-haired Pointer thrives in an environment where his mind and body are stimulated by new challenges. He loves to run and swim. As well as being a superb athlete, he is a good-natured, calm and steady dog.

German Long-Haired Pointer Breeders:

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