Lagotto Romagnolo


Appearance: 16-19 in (41-48 cm) 24-35.5 lbs (11-16 kg)Double coat is waterproof. Outercoat is dense, curly, and woolly. Variety of colours, including white and brown, white and orange, off-white, brown. Sometimes has a brown mask.


The history of the Lagotto Romagnolo dates back to 16th century Italy, where these water dogs were used for hunting waterfowl in the marshes and wetlands of the Romagna region, which is present day Emilia-Romagna in Italy. Their excellent sense of smell also earned the Lagottos the task of sniffing out truffles, a culinary delicacy in Italian cuisine. The Lagotto Romagnolo existed amongst mixed breeds for centuries, until a group of breeders and fanciers got together in the 1980s to establish the dogs as an official breed. The Italians still depend on the Lagotto to hunt truffles but, here in North America, he’s known as a good family companion.


The Lagotto is known for his gentle manner, affectionate personality and will to please. He lives life as if everyone is his best friend, and makes a good companion for children and other animals. Training is a pleasure since he loves to please and listens well. His intelligence and keen nose make him a good retriever, too. The Lagotto is happiest in the great outdoors where he can explore, dig, and play with the family and other dogs. He is also fond of swimming and excels at competitive sports. His high energy and stamina is balanced by a mellow and easy-going nature.

Lagotto Romagnolo Breeders:

Lagotto on the Hill Reg’d

British Columbia
As a Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder, we raise healthy, happy and family-friendly Lagotto puppies on our small private hobby farm. All our breeding dogs are fully health tested with a CHIC number from OFA, temperament is wonderful and we welcome guests to meet our fabulous friendly Lagotto. Contact us for your private meet and greet.

Phone: Tracey Harris (604) 617-3463

PBVH Lagotto Distinguished LRC

British Columbia
We are proud and pleased to have loving families join our “Lagotto Family” – We are accepting applications for Canada’s #1 upcoming litter of this rare breed. Please email for an application or give us a call. Join our Revival of the Lagotto!

Phone: Virginia Brietzke (780) 573-8628