Canadian Eskimo Dog


Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed Description

Appearance: 19.5-27.5” (50-70cm) 40-88 lb (18-40 kg) Thick hair with dense undercoat. All white or all red, buff, cinnamon, grey or sable with white markings.

Photo courtesy of Arctic Ice Reg’d


His long connection with humans has made the Canadian Eskimo Dog affectionate and gentle with people he loves, but he can be aloof with strangers. His independence, determination and heightened response to stimuli make him suited to an adult-only home.


Accompanying the Inuit people during their 12th century migration through the Canadian Arctic, the Canadian Eskimo Dog hauled, carried, hunted and protected. Such willing performance made the robust sled dog crucial to Arctic explorers through the ages. By the 1950s, though, snowmobiles, other technology and weakening bloodlines had taken their toll. It took funding by the Canadian Kennel Club, the Canada Council and private donations to save the breed from extinction. After enduring in a harsh environment for centuries, the Canadian Eskimo Dog remains a breed fighting for its survival.

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