Shikoku Breed Description

Appearance: 18-20.5” (46-52 cm) 40-60 lb (18-27 kg)Known for his “sesame-coloured”, harsh outer coat.


A medium-sized breed that existed in ancient times, the Shikoku hunted deer and boar on the smallest and least-populated of Japan’s four islands. In this isolated, mountainous region, Shikoku bloodlines remained pure. This Spitz type is so rare and treasured that in 1937, the Japanese government declared the breed “a national monument”. The breed survived WWII, and continues to be bred for the hunt. Outside its native country, it’s a rare breed; even inside Japan, its numbers remain low.


The Shikoku is alert, tough and energetic – yet owners say he possesses a certain innocence. Calm indoors, especially around his family, he needs an active outdoor life. These dogs do have a tendency to dominance, so early socialization is required. A fenced yard provides safety for this unique dog, who, after all, has running in his genes.

Shikoku Breeders:

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