Chow Chow


Chow Chow Breed Description

Appearance: 17-22" (43-56 cm) 45-70 lb (20-32 kg) Rough: abundant dense outercoat that stands off the body, wooly undercoat. Neck ruff. Smooth: hard, dense smooth outercoat with definite undercoat. Red, black, fawn, blue, cream. Blue-black tongue and lips.

Can. Gr. Ch. Exc./ Am. Ch. Mi Pao’s Thor, CGN MBIS, Top Winning Chow Chow for Canada 2012,2013 & 2014. Bred/Owned by F. Paul A. Odenkirchen (Int. Master Breeder) Mi-Pao Kennels Perm. Reg’d. Waterdown, ON.


Truly a one-person dog, the Chow bonds solidly to his chosen person, and may remain a bit aloof with others. He is loyal and dedicated, and benefits from positive and consistent training. The Chow Chow is a natural guardian and loyal protector.


Perhaps one of the oldest breeds, the Chow Chow may have existed as early as the 11th century BC. These dogs were used as hunting, draft, guard and flock dogs. They were also considered a delicacy by the Chinese, to whom the consumption of dog meat is considered acceptable. The thick fluffy coats were prized for warm clothing. For many years, the Chow Chow was never seen outside China. But around 1780, sailors smuggled some dogs among their cargo and exported them to Europe. Not knowing what to call the dogs, they used the generic name for all assorted cargo: chow chow. The unusual nature of the breed made it a spectacle in England, and the breed was displayed at the London Zoo as the “Wild Dog of China”. Queen Victoria saw the dogs there and decided to keep some as pets. The Chow Chow gained its popularity in North America during the roaring 20s, when several movie stars kept them as pets.

Chow Chow Breeders:

ChowRidge, Reg’d

alberta dog breeders Alberta
CKC registered. Bred for temperament, health & longevity. Specializing in red and black, rough coat. Sound puppies, Champion parents. Our chows are amazing companions for any household. Ownership/Breed information package available for poeple considering this special breed who have not experienced the joy of living with a wonderful chow! Box 129, Cayley, AB T0L 0P0.

Phone: Cyndi Eldridge (403) 395-3767

Mi-Pao Perm. Reg’d

Canada’s oldest and consistently successful Chow Kennel since 1957. Providing Breeding, Companion and Show stock to over 30 Countries. We specialize in reds, blacks and creams of the long coated variety, with emphasis on soundness and affectionate disposition. 705 Parkside Dr, P.O Box 863 Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0 (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above.)

Phone: Minnie & Paul Odenkirchen (905) 335-1712

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