Chinese Shar-Pei


Chinese Shar-Pei Breed Description

Appearance: 17-20" (44-51 cm) 40-60 lb (18-27 kg) Harsh straight coat with sandpaper texture. Can be short and bristly (horse coat) or long and thick (brush coat). Solid and sable colours. No white. Blue-black tongue.

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With his cute and cuddly appearance, the Shar-Pei easily works his way into people’s hearts. But his guard dog background makes him cautious, so he requires good socialization at an early age. Calm and steady in nature, he is an independent fellow who loves his people, but is aloof with strangers. Positive training and active socialization make him a happy and enjoyable family member.


Named for its sandpaper-like coat, the Shar-Pei is an unusual breed that originated in China some 2,000 years ago. He was used for a variety of tasks including hunting, guarding and herding, and was prized as a fighting dog. The rough texture of his coat made him hard to grip, his loose folds of skin allowed him to turn on his 116 Canadian Dogs Annual 2013 Purebred Chinese Shar-Pei opponent even when solidly held, and his tiny eyes and ears were protected from harm. When China became a communist country, dogs were not considered a valuable commodity and the Shar Pei nearly died out. Dog lovers appealed to American breeders to rescue the breed in the 1970s. The Shar Pei’s unique appearance and rarity drew attention, and soon the breed made a comeback in North America.

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