Chinese Crested


Chinese Crested Breed Description

Appearance: 9-13" (23-33 cm) under 12 lb (5.5 kg) Hairless: silky flowing hair on head, tail, feet. Powderpuff: long, straight silky outercoat; short silky undercoat. Any colour or combination of colours.


A lively playful dog, the Chinese Crested is a lovable and loving family companion. Because of a tendency to be timid with strangers, it is important to socialize him at an early age. He is moderately active, trotting around the home to follow his people. His longer-than-usual feet, known as hare feet, allow him to grip toys and “hug” his people with an unusual grip when held.


The Chinese Crested likely descended from an African variety of hairless dog called the African Hairless Terrier. Chinese sailors took these dogs on ships to take care of the vermin. As they sailed around the world, the dogs were traded at various ports, soon establishing populations of the breed throughout the known world. Not all Chinese Cresteds are hairless. In fact, the gene that allows for hairlessness is an incomplete dominant gene that is lethal when homozygous (two copies of the gene). Long-haired Chinese Crested dogs are known as Powderpuffs. Both varieties can be found within the same litter due to the nature of the genes involved.

Chinese Crested Dog Breeders:

SassyTails Reg’d

We are responsible hobby breeders who focus on health, temperament and structure to provide lifetime companions to loving families. Our Chinese Cresteds dogs have competed successfully in conformation and various other canine sports. We are also very proud of our dogs involved in therapy work. Dogs selected for our breeding program undergo yearly eye tests (CERF) and DNA testing with Pawprint Genetics for all available health testing, as well as BAER for hearing, patellas and heart certifications. Our puppies are raised in our home and socialized with love. Our goal is for our dogs to provide loving companionship to their new family. E-mail contact preferred, we are also on Facebook.

Phone: Hélène Bélanger (416) 414-6014

Windwater Reg’d

We breed for health and soundness from top quality European bloodlines. Lovingly home-raised puppies available occassionally to approved homes. Puppies are prd-PRA and PLL clear through testing or by parentage. Puppies are vet-checked, vaccinated and microchipped and a written health guarantee is provided. Powder puffs and hairless.

Phone: Shauna Gray (905) 252-0822