Short-Coated Chihuahua


Short-Coated Chihuahua Breed Description

Appearance: 6-9 in (15-23 cm) 1-6 lb (0.5-3 kg) Soft, glossy short coat. Neck ruff. Any colour.

Can.Am Ch. Hilaire’s Mr. Cher Whisper. Chihuahuas of Distinction. Owned by Edna St. Hilaire, Hilaire Perm. Reg’d


Origin theories about the Chihuahua abound. Some believe this tiny breed’s predecessors date back to ancient Egypt. The most likely theory is that it developed from a Mexican breed known as the Techichi, and was used in religious ceremonies as far back as the 16th century. Other theories suggest that dogs imported from China were interbred with native breeds, or came with Spanish traders. Whatever their history, Chihuahuas, as we know them, were discovered in the Chihuahua region of Mexico, gained popularity in Mexico City in the late 19th century, and shortly thereafter were brought to the United States via Texas where they were developed into the modern version of the breed.


The Smooth-Coated Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a huge personality. He is lively and alert, playful and affectionate. Quick to bond with his human, the Chihuahua hates to be left on his own. Because he is so small, he is nervous of large or quick movements and tends to be easily startled. Early socialization is essential to make sure he is not overly stressed by strange situations.

Short-Coated Chihuahua Breeders:

Hilaire Perm. Reg’d

British Columbia
A respected name. Home of Multi BIS/BISS, Can. Am Int’l Record Winning Champions. Quality for the most discriminating. Founder and President of The Chihuahua Club of Canada. All Breeds Judge – International. New Westminister, BC. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above.)

Phone: Edna St. Hilaire (604) 521-0922

Miso Chihuahuas Reg’d

Breeder of Long and Smooth Coats with puppies available occasionally. Our dogs are raised as family members and we are proud of their exceptional temperaments.

Phone: Paula Race (519) 770-9901

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