Long-Coated Chihuahua


Appearance: 6-9 in (15-23 cm) 1-6 lb (0.5-3 kg) Soft, silky, flat or slightly wavy. Neck ruff. Any solid colour with or without markings.


The history of the Long-coated Chihuahua is the same as the Chihuahua’s (see below) until after the breed reached the United States. There, breeders desired a softer, fluffier dog and decided to cross the short-coated Chihuahuas with established long-haired toy breeds. This included the Papillion, Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier. The result was a dog with the same spunky personality as the short-haired variety, but in a fluffier package. Like his smooth counterpart, the Long-coated Chihuahua is a wonderful companion, making him one of the world’s most popular breeds. Both also rank as the smallest breeds in North America.


A truly tiny dog, the Long-coated Chihuahua loves to be with his person at all times. He’s a great lap dog, and happily trots around the home, following his family. Because of his size, this breed maybe a bit timid with loud and active children, and supervision is a good idea. Good socialization is important for a well-rounded individual.

Long-Coated Chihuahua Breeders:

Miso Chihuahuas Reg’d


Phone: Paula Race (519) 770-9901
Website: www.misochihuhuas.com
Email: info@misochihuahuas.com

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