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Dalmatian Breed Description

Appearance: 21-24" (56-61 cm) 53-70 lb Pure white with black or liver coloured spots, ranging from a dime to half-dollar in size. Short, sleek, dense and glossy coat.


The Dalmatian is intelligent and enthusiastic, with lots of joie de vivre and a good demeanor. Socialization, positive training and an abundance of exercise make this athletic fellow a happy, loyal companion.


The Dalmatian has been known in Europe since the Middle Ages and takes his name from Dalmatia (now a part of Croatia), where the earliest records of the breed exist. His origin is unclear, although some histories portray him as a gundog, a herding dog, a draft dog, a guardian and a ratter. When the Dalmatian made his appearance in England in the 18th century, he became immensely popular as a carriage dog, accompanying the aristocracy’s ornate conveyances and horses around town and on long treks through the countryside. He could also be found in the stables of the working class, and in fire stations with horse-drawn water wagons. The four-legged “siren” would help clear the streets by running ahead of the wagon barking. When the Dalmatian arrived in the New World (the U.S.), he automatically endeared himself to firefighters, and no station was complete without one of these spotted mascots.

Dalmatian Breeders:

Echo View Dalmatians Perm Reg’d

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Echo View Dalmatians Perm Reg’d is a small, dedicated, well-established show/breeding facility, Leslieville, Alberta, Canada. We strive for the perfect harmony of elegance, balance, and expression while maintaining conformation, intelligence, temperament, and health. Breeding stock is BAER tested and certified OFA (clear of hip dysplasia). We have in home raised puppies occasionally for show, obedience, performance or for just plain lovin.’ Retired adults are sometimes available and we provide information always. We are proud to raise these highly intelligent, beautiful, devoted & loyal dogs for almost 30 years.

Phone: (403) 729-2227

Taylor Ranch Kennels Perm. Reg’d

alberta dog breeders Alberta
CKC registered Top quality pups available to loving family homes from European imported show lines. All breeding dogs are health tested and all pups come with a written guarantee. CKC registered since 1994. Visit our website for more information and availability. Sherwood Park, AB.

Phone: Twyla Taylor (780) 922-3985