Scottish Deerhound


Scottish Deerhound Breed Description

Appearance: 28-32" (71-81 cm) 75-110 lb (34-50 kg) Harsh, shaggy close-lying coat. Beard and moustache. Dark blue-grey, various shades of grey, brindle, yellow, sandy red or red fawn with black points.

Am. & Can. CH Caretta's Marcus, BPISS, (ASFA) FCH, Multi Group Placements, conformation, performance, but most of all companion. Bred/Owned by Susan Trow, Caretta Reg'd.


The regal Scottish Deerhound has a centuries-old history with the aristocracy of the Scottish highlands. Likely produced through the selective breeding of Greyhounds, this big breed features a protective coat and the ability to take down the largest game. Scottish Deerhounds were forbidden to anyone below the rank of earl, and were valued so highly that a leash of Deerhounds could purchase the freedom of a noble sentenced to death. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria took an interest in the Scottish Deerhound, bringing the breed back into favour with the upper classes. Today these dogs are no longer the exclusive property of the upper class. The deerhound continues to be a supreme hunter.


The Scottish Deerhound is an ideal house companion. While he enjoys his daily run, in the house he is a couch potato. Calm, dignified, devoted and gentle-natured, the Deerhound makes an excellent family pet. Despite his giant size, he is happy in a variety of living situations and even does well in apartments. He is not a barker or watchdog, and while his large size might intimidate, he is far too kindhearted to be a guard dog. Regular walks and the odd off-leash run (in a fenced area) are adequate exercise.

Scottish Deerhound Breeders:

Caretta Reg’d

Dedicated to the breed I have loved for many years. Home-raised, well socialized puppies occasionally available. My breeding is done with careful consideration for health, temperament, conformation and performance, from North American, Scottish and Australian bloodlines. Lifetime owner support. Une elevage deliberee avec les chiots disponibles occasionnelement. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above.)

Phone: Susan Trow (819) 688-5697


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