Finnish Lapphund


Finnish Lapphund Breed Description

Appearance: 16-20.5” (40.5-52 cm) 33-53 lb (15-24 kg) Dense, insulating double coat. All colours, with one colour dominating.


The Finnish Lapphund originally hunted reindeer and provided protection for the Sami people who lived above the Arctic Circle. When the semi-nomadic tribes established settlements in a region that included parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia, this spitz-type dog turned from hunting reindeer to herding them. As reindeer declined, the Lapphund was invaluable in herding cattle and sheep.In the 1940s, Finnish breeders established standards under the dog’s original name, the Lapponian Shepherd Dog. The name encompassed both long- and short-haired types. Currently, it is the long-haired breed we identify as the Finnish Lapphund, or the Lapinkoira, as it’s sometimes called. A familiar companion dog in Finnish homes, the Lapphund’s worldwide popularity is on the rise.


The Lapphund’s strongest trait is his tendency to herd. This is a dog who likes to be in on the action, and as his ancestors were capable of herding all day long, he thrives in an active environment. Courageous, faithful and intelligent, the Finnish Lapphund has an intuitive nature that picks up direction almost before his trainer supplies it.

Finnish Lapphund:

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