Dutch Shepherd Dog


Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed Description

Appearance: 22-24.5” (55-62 cm) 65-67 lb (29.5-30.5) The Dutch Shepherd looks much like a German Shepherd, but with three different weather-resistant coat variations: short-haired, long-haired or wiry/rough-haired. Black with streaks of gold and grey.

Photo courtesy of Dutch Shepherd Acres


In the early 1600s, when much of the Netherlands was devoted to sheepherding, the Dutch Shepherd Dog excelled at tending to flocks. But as sheep farming diminished, so did the breed itself. In the last few decades, however, dedicated Dutch Shepherd breeders have kept this smart and active dog thriving at farm work and, more extensively, at police and guard duty. Because of the popularity of his German Shepherd cousin, the Dutch Shepherd is considered a rare breed in North America.


Alert and quick to learn, the Dutch Shepherd Dog does best with early training, followed by ongoing pursuits such as agility, field training and herding. He is exceedingly smart and requires ongoing mental and physical challenges. Naturally protective, loyal and tireless, this is a dog best paired with a strong, confident, active owner.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Breeders:

There is currently no Dutch Shepherd Dog Breeders registered with us.

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