Australian Shepherd


Appearance: 18-23” (45-58 cm) 40-65 lb (18-29 kg) Weather-resistant double coat whose undercoat varies seasonally. Moderate mane and frill.A variety of colours including black, red, blue merle and red merle. Various white and/or tan markings and points.


With their smart and friendly personalities, Australian Shepherds do equally well as family pets or working herders. Because of their working origin, these dogs require plenty of exercise. They make excellent obedience and sporting dogs, learn quickly and love their jobs.


The Australian Shepherd had its beginnings in Spain and Andorra with Basque shepherds who used Pyrenean Shepherds to care for their herds. These dogs followed the Basques as they traveled first to Australia, then to the United States in the 1840s. Once in North America, the dogs were assumed to have originated in Australia and were named accordingly. By the late 1800s, the breed became quite popular in the western states. The dogs were known for their intelligence, versatility and their excellent herding ability. Over the years, the breed has been augmented with others such as Smithfields, Border Collies and Collies, eventually producing the Australian Shepherd we now know and love.

Australian Shepherd Breeders:

Holler Australian Shepherds

Breeding quality Aussies raised as part of the family, bred for show, performance, and companionship. CKC Registered, first shots, microchipped, 6 weeks free pet insurance, health guarantee. Stud service available to approved bitches. Inquiries about the breed or available puppies most welcomed. Lifetime owner support. Ontario Director of CNASA. Alliston, Ontario. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement above).

Phone: Karen Doughty (416) 450-6073

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