Giant Schnauzer


Giant Schnauzer Breed Description

Appearance: 23-28" (60-70 cm) 75-104 lb (34-47 kg) Harsh, wiry dense outercoat. Soft undercoat. Beard and moustache. Solid black, salt and pepper. Dark mask in salt and pepper colour.

Photo courtesy of Lindsayleigh Kennels


The Giant Schnauzer may seem a larger copy of the Standard and Miniature Schnauzer, but each breed has its own unique origins. Giant Schnauzers originally come from the mountains of Bavaria and were primarily cattle drovers. Their ancestry is mixed, likely stemming from Great Danes, Bouviers des Flandres and various other droving and shepherd dogs of the time. Mostly found around Munich, he was a popular farm dog from the 15th century until the arrival of railroads made him obsolete. Butchers in town took a liking to the large protective dogs and they became guardians of butcher shops and pubs. Around this time, the breed was crossed with the Standard Schnauzer and called the Munich Schnauzer, later renamed the Giant Schnauzer. Because of their size and bravery, Giant Schnauzers became staunch defenders in both World Wars.


Big, bold and full of spirit, the Giant Schnauzer takes his job seriously. At the same time, he is loyal and loving with his family. Intelligent and energetic, he needs a job to keep him happy and thrives on activities such as flyball, agility and obedience. He is a natural protector, and needs careful socialization and training at a young age.

Giant Schnauzer Breeders:

Bluechip Perm. Reg’d

Breeding for health, temperament and correct breed characteristics. Bluechip Giants are loving family companions, devoted guardians, and wonderful breed ambassadors. They are intelligent, versatile, and beautiful conformation champions. Parent are health tested. Puppies are wormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and health guaranteed. They are ready to become happy members of your family!

Phone: Olga Gagne (905) 262-4682

Magisterial Giant Schnauzers Reg’dMagisterial Giant Schnauzers Reg’d

At Magisterial, we provide a life-enhancing experience for each of our clients. Our Giant Schnauzer puppies are highly socialized, extremely intelligent, joyful, and raised with children. They have gorgeous good looks, are health and temperament tested, and come home very eager to learn! Your new family member will have been raised in luxury and given nothing but the very best during their crucial first 8 weeks of life. Magisterial Giant Schnauzer puppies will be crate trained, will have begun leash training, and will go home with our exclusive Magisterial 5 year health guarantee and puppy pack, health insurance policy, CKC registration, microchipped, and much more. Magisterial Giant Schnauzers are suitable for: therapy, obedience, agility, show, flyball, service dog training, grooming competitions, etc. Their most important role is being loving, loyal companions to families worldwide, delivering immeasurable amounts of joy, love, and magic! Roblin, ON

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