Appearance: 10-13" (25.5-33 cm) 12-19 lb (5.5-8.5 kg) Black double-coat, with soft undercoat and harsh, dense outercoat. Neck ruff and perk ears. Usually all black, medium-length fur.

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The Schipperke has existed within the Flemish provinces of Belgium for hundreds of years. Whether the breed hailed from an old breed of black Belgian Sheepdog called the Leauvenarr or from the northern spitz-type dogs is still debated. Their original purpose was to clear farms, factories, and homes of rats, which earned them the name “Spitske” (little Spits). Quite successful at this task, the breed moved from land to water, where they took care of vermin on boats and barges. By the 1880s, that earned them the new name, the Schipperke, which means “little captain.” They became a popular pet in Belgium after Queen Marie Henriette acquired one at a dog show in 1885.


A loyal family dog, the Schipperke is active, agile and continually occupied with what is going on around him. While he is kind with children, his excellent watchdog skills make the Schipperke wary of strangers. He has a high energy level, which can be satisfied in the city with frequent visits to the dog park or long walks. He’s also a great farm dog since he gets along well with larger animals such as horses (though he’ll chase smaller animals such as rabbits). Eager to please and intelligent, the Schipperke is very adaptable and easy to train.

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