Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature Schnauzer Breed Description

Appearance: 12-14" (30-36 cm) 9-18 lb (4-8 kg) Hard wiry outercoat. Soft close undercoat. Beard and moustache. Salt and pepper, black and silver, black.

Photo courtesy of Classywags Reg'd


The only Schnauzer breed classified as a terrier, the Miniature Schnauzer worked on farms where he was responsible for reducing rat populations. The breed was created in Germany in the late 1800s when fanciers of the Standard Schnauzer desired a smaller dog of similar type. By crossing the Standard Schnauzer with Miniature Pinschers, Wire Fox Terriers, Affenpinschers and small Poodles, they were able to maintain the Schnauzer type in a smaller size while adding the desired ratting traits. Unlike many terrier breeds, the Miniature Schnauzer did not go to ground when hunting but dispatched his prey above ground. No longer needed for farm work, the Miniature Schnauzer’s good looks and pleasant personality made him a desirable and popular indoor pet. An ideal companion, he wants to be included in everything that goes on.


A bright and charming dog, the Miniature Schnauzer is a devoted companion who gets along with children and other dogs. He is fearless and alert and makes an excellent non-aggressive watchdog. He is friendly and easy to socialize. Regular exercise is important to keep this active fellow occupied. The Miniature Schnauzer is easy to train and enjoys activities such as obedience and agility.

Miniature Schnauzer Breeders:

Oak Valley Schnauzers

Roger Main. 30 Years raising Minis with Exclusive bloodlines selectively bred for companions and therapy dogs. All colours, some with smaller size, superior colour. Many of my minis live well into their teens. Generations of repeat customers. Also breeding European Giant Schnauzers occasionally. Salt/Pepper and Blacks. Health guarantee. Vet References and Naturally Reared. Box 268, Oak Lake MB R0M 1P0.

Phone: (204) 855-2844

Ashlyn Reg’d

Home-raised puppies for show or pet with exceptional temperaments from champion bloodlines. Health guaranteed. Eyes tested. Stud service to approved bitches, by appointment. 142 St. Andrew’s Dr. Grafton, ON K0K 2G0.

Phone: Lynn Bryden (905) 349-3212

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