Jack Russell Terrier


Jack Russell Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: 10-12” (25-30 cm) ~ 11-13 lb (5-6 kg) Predominately white with black and/or tan markings; also all white. Three types of coat: smooth, rough, broken. Dense, double-coats. Almond-shaped eyes.


Terriers were a popular fox hunting breed in England during the 1800s. The Parson John “Jack” Russell developed a particular strain of terrier that he determined was the ideal type of fox hunting dog. This dog was predominately white and possessed qualities of intelligence, stable temperament, and quick, determined instincts. Parson Jack bred a dog that could chase a fox and rush it from its den without being too aggressive and ruining the hunt. For many years, several Terriers were grouped together as Jack Russell Terriers, but in 1904 a group of Terrier fancies set the breed standard for recognizing the Jack Russell Terrier as a unique and distinct breed.


Feisty, fearless, and enthusiastic, the Jack Russell Terrier is up for any challenge. Training and maintaining even-paced activities is important for this high-energy dog. He makes a great companion for someone with an active lifestyle. Bred specifically to rely on hunting instincts, the Jack Russell loves to explore, play, and chase. Luckily, their small size means they are easy to bring along on outings and trips. Their quirky, attention-loving personalities provide amusing and delightful entertainment. Training should be positive and highly-focused.

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