Smooth Fox Terrier


Smooth Fox Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: 14.5-15.5” (36.8-39.5 cm) ~ 15.5-18 lb (7-8 kg) Smooth, thick, hard coat. Mostly white with black, tan or ginger markings.


One of the original English terriers, the Smooth Fox Terrier has been ferreting out small animals since the 1400s. When fox hunting became the British aristocracy’s favourite sport in the 18th century, hunters carried the compact dog on horseback, setting him down when the prey took cover. The scrappy little dog was sure to go to ground – and have something to show for it. In 1862, the breed made its first appearance at a dog show in the English manufacturing centre of Birmingham, thereby guaranteeing its place as “the working man’s” favourite.

The breed made its North American debut at the turn of the 20th century. Not long afterwards, it was immortalized in the record company logo for “His Master’s Voice”.


Scrappy, happy, plucky and personable, the Fox Terrier’s compact size makes him a natural city dweller, providing he gets plenty of fun and exercise. True to his breeding, the Smooth Fox Terrier can be a digger, which makes him a candidate for early training.

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