Standard Smooth Dachshund


Standard Smooth Dachshund Breed Description

Appearance: 8- 9” (20-23 cm) ~ 12-32 lb (5.5-14 kg) Short, smooth, odourless and shiny coat. Solid (red, cream), two-coloured (black, chocolate, grey or white with rust-brown or yellow markings), dappled (brown, grey or white background with irregular patches of black, grey, brown, red or yellow) or striped (red or yellow with darker striping).


Believed to be the original ancestor of the other Dachshund breeds, the Standard Smooth Dachshund hunted badger and fox from as early as the 16th century in Germany. A true terrier, the Dachshund was bred for its long, narrow body that could easily fit into the holes of its prey. When Prince Albert introduced the breed to Britain, confusion over the translation of “hund” caused it to be classified as a hound, and the Dachshund has remained in that group ever since.


Friendly, alert and outgoing, the high spirited Standard Smooth Dachshund makes a good watchdog as well as a great companion. Because of his Terrier qualities, he likes to take charge of situations, so early, consistent training, lots of patience and early socialization is important. A fenced yard will help contain this fearless fellow, who may find himself following his gifted sense of smell if given the opportunity. Regular exercise will keep the Dachshund happy as well as trim. This is a breed that does well in the city or the country.

Standard Smooth Dachshund Breeders:

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