Appearance: 16-18” (42-46 cm) 26-33 lb (12-15 kg)Short, hard close-fitting outercoat. Dense undercoat. Ideally white with yellow or red/brown markings, but all colours are permitted.


Norrbottenspets share ancestry with the Finnish Spitz, originating in the Scandinavian northlands of Sweden, Finland and Lapland. The dogs found in Finland developed into the Finnish Spitz, but those in Sweden were called Norrbottensskollandehund. An excellent hunter, the breed had the unique ability to listen for a bird’s flight, and locate that bird when it landed in the snow. Used as all-around hunting and farm dogs, their breeding was purely functional and little effort was made to maintain these dogs as a pure breed. As foreign specialist breeds grew in popularity, the Norrbottensskollandehund became less common. Out-crossing diluted the breed until it was declared extinct in 1948. However, interested breeders in Sweden and Finland made an effort to seek good specimens by combing remote northern villages. Eventually, a breeding population was cobbled together and the Norrbottenspets was reinstated around 1970. Their popularity is growing as Sweden and Finland work to support their native breed.


Never shy, nervous or aggressive, the Norrbottenspets is a friendly and fun-loving companion who is great with children. A hunter at heart, he is happiest when he has the opportunity to use his hunting skills, though he can be taught to enjoy alternate sports such as agility. The Norrbottenspets needs lots of exercise, particularly in a safely fenced area where he can run and hunt to his heart’s content.

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