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Norwegian Lundehund Breed Description

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Lunde is Norwegian for “puffin”. This translation lies at the heart of the Lundehund’s story. These quick, agile dogs originally scoured the Arctic island cliffs off Norway in search of puffins, a colourful bird that feeds in northern oceans and breeds in rock crevices. It took drive and flexibility to navigate those rock caves, and the Norwegian Lundehund was bred for the job. A “canine contortionist”, his head stretches back to reach his spine, his forelegs flex out to 90°, and he has several toes on each foot (polydactyl), some of which are double- and triple-jointed. The Lundehund’s dexterity helped provide their owners with valuable puffin meat and feathers The breed’s numbers decreased mid-1800, when hunters began using nets to catch the birds. When the puffin came under national protection, the Lundehund’s numbers declined further. Only a group of devotees kept the courageous little dog from extinction. Currently, in Norway and beyond, the Norwegian Lundehund’s popularity is again on the rise.


Lively, fun and friendly, the Lundehund gets along with children and other dogs. Bred for a demanding job, he retains all the traits that made him so successful: courage, tenacity and agility. He can be stubborn; house-training requires patience. The Norwegian Lundehund needs a secure space to exercise; however, as dynamic as he is, he is not hyperactive.

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