Shih Tzu


Appearance: 8-11" (20-28 cm) 9-16 lb (4-7.5 kg) Long, flowing luxurious outercoat. Dense good undercoat. All colours permissible.

BIS RBIS BBBS and MBPS Grand Ch. Schutzu’s Saint Elmo’s Fire. Elmo is 10lbs of beauty and brains available for stud, producing smaller type puppies. Owner handled loved by Schutzu Kennels. Karen Schut, 241 Freelton Road, Hamilton, ON L8B 0Z5.


These little dogs came to be known as “lion dogs” or Shih Tzu. They came to China in the 7th century, where the breed was highly prized by the court. In the late 1800s, the Dowager Empress T’zu His took an interest in the breed, crossing it with the Pekinese and creating the breed type we know today. In the 1920s, Lady Brownrigg brought a pair home to England from a visit to China. A few dogs were exported abroad until 1940, when the Communist takeover of China closed the borders to new bloodlines. Only seven dogs and bitches were available for breeding; they are the founders of all existing Shih Tzu. With so few dogs available, the breed developed various health issues that later breeders corrected through judicious out-crossings. The Shih Tzu is now one of the most popular toy breeds in the world.


Used to being a dog of nobility, the Shih Tzu is a friendly loving animal who can be a happy lap dog one moment, and a playful companion the next. Despite his small size, he is sturdy and does well with children.

Shih Tzu Breeders:

Ovations Reg’d

British Columbia
Selective breeding of top champion bloodlines to produce superior companion and show puppies with excellent temperament and conformation. Veterinarian examined. Written agreement and after sale support. Surrey, BC.

Phone: (604) 541-2747 or Cell: (778) 885-4353

Schutzu Reg’d

Small show kennel dedicated to producing beautiful, healthy, intelligent puppies from Champion lines. Gold/whites and Black/whites well-socialized Shih Tzu’s to approved homes on non-breeding contracts. Show puppies, foster adults, stud service available occasionally. 241 Freelton Rd, Freelton, ON L8B 2Z5. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement above).

Phone: Karen Schut (905) 659-3922