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Shiloh Shepherd Breed Description

Appearance: 26-32" (66-82 cm) 100-160 lb (45-73 kg) Plush: medium-coarse outercoat; soft undercoat; mane. Smooth: medium-length, dense, closelying outercoat; undercoat; mane. Golden, silver, red, dark brown, dark grey, black sable, black, white, shades of black with tan, golden tan, reddish tan, silver or cream.

Guardian’s Onyx Jewel, Selectively breeding for health and temperaments to provide exceptional companions. Owned by Vanessa Dutton, Guardian Kennels, Brooks, AB


The Shiloh Shepherd is a very new breed developed by Tina Barber in the early 1970s. Having grown up around German Shepherds, Barber sought a return to the large, square-bodied physique she remembered in Germany. She set out to create her ideal dog – one who was smart, loyal and easy to train, while being strong enough to herd and guard, and gentle enough to trust with children. She focused on both soundness of body and mind. Barber’s efforts were very successful, and demand for her “new” breed of Shepherds grew. By 1990, the shepherds from her Shiloh kennel proved to differ enough from classic German Shepherds that she formed the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry and lobbied for the acceptance of the Shiloh Shepherd by the American Rare Breed Association. The breed continues to develop under Barber’s careful guidance, with strict registration guidelines and breed standards.


Bred to compete in Schutzhund trials in the morning, babysit the kids in the afternoon, and guide the blind in the evening, the Shiloh Shepherd is an intelligent dog who works hard and wants to be your best friend. He is easy to train and can learn anything set before him. A workaholic at heart, the Shiloh Shepherd is happiest when he has a job to do, and can easily excel in many jobs.

Shiloh Shepherd Breeders:

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